Watch our video clips on Myelodysplastic Syndromes

Interviews with two members of the clinical staff at the MDS Centre of Excellence King’s College Hospital in London:

Prof Ghulam Mufti, Haematology Consultant and Janet Hayden, Myeloid Clinical Nurse Specialist.

And three interviews with MDS patients describing their experience of living with the condition, and talking about transfusions and treatments.

  • Evie McClean Amazing YouTube Video Clips – March 2016

    Evie McClean is an incredibly talented young person that started a YouTube Channel in March 2016, telling the world about her life and her favourite things. Evie is a member of MDS UK Patients Support and in her lively video clips she illustrates how wonderfully she and her family have learned to live with MDS. In […]

  • 25th October – MDS World Awareness Day Video

      Life Beyond Limits – Full HD Spanish English subtitles from GEPAC on Vimeo. This video was made to mark the first MDS World Awareness Day – on 25th October – and to illustrate the Life Beyond Limits campaign run in several countries already. This campaign highlights the fact that all MDS patients deserve to […]

  • Professor Mufti’s experience

    In this video Prof Mufti gives a detailed explanation of MDS, discusses causes, progression, diagnosis and treatment of MDS.  He also talks about the challenge of managing MDS and how awareness of the condition has improved – but more still needs to be done. Professor Ghulam Mufti – Head of the department of Haematology at King’s […]

  • Patricia’s experience

    Patricia talks about her diagnosis of MDS and the changes she experienced, as well as blood transfusions and what it feels like to live with MDS.

  • Ramsey’s experience

    Ramsey discusses his personal MDS story, symptoms, how he manages his condition, and how important it is to highlight the effects of MDS on patient’s quality of life.

  • Janet’s experience – Myeloid Clinical Nurse Specialist

    Janet talks about newly diagnosed MDS patients, symptoms of MDS, difficulty in managing the condition, drug treatments, and challenges faced by clinical staff – as well as awareness of MDS. Janet Hayden is a Myeloid CNS and works with Professor Ghulam Mufti at King’s.  She specialises in Myeloid conditions.  King’s is privileged to have a […]

  • John’s experience

    John talks about how he copes with the issues of tiredness with MDS, and how tries to have a positive attitude generally.