Bone Marrow Donation

To all 16-55 year old healthy people in the UK:

Can you imagine searching for the one person in the world who could save your life?

This is the reality for many MDS sufferers who are desperately searching for a lifesaving bone marrow donor.
This is why we need as many people as possible to join the bone marrow registers in the UK:
Aged between 16-30 ?  Anthony Nolan – Donate stem cells

Aged 18-55 ?  Delete Blood Cancer – Donate Stem Cells

Or – if you are a regular blood donor – do mention you’d also like to donate stem cells.It is that easy!

Or here is another way to put it:

All it takes to join the register is a bit of spit or a swab.
Your stem cells may not be a match for your relatives or friends – but they could end up saving the lives of someone facing a desperate situation anywhere in the world.
If you are called to donate, there are two simple and easy ways to give stem cells.

One method takes just 3 – 4 hours and is not dissimilar to giving blood. If a patient needs a bone marrow transplant then the consultant will be checking the worldwide registers for a suitable match. However, it’s important to encourage family and friends to join!

A few stories of MDS patients:
Anthony Nolan – Cord-blood-donors – Sara-Mhlanga

Anthony Nolan – Jayne Snell story

Anthony Nolan – Leisure Centres action 2013

Delete Blood Cancer UK – Personal Stories:
Including Sharon Berger – our treasurer.
Read more on her campaign, #Spit4Mum :
MDS UK – Sharon Berger BMT Update
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To find out how you could register & be a lifesaver today, please visit  0r  
Delete Blood Cancer UK

A few statistics:

  • 70 percent of those needing a BMT using donor marrow are unable to have one because a suitable bone marrow donor cannot be found
  • There’s a 30-35 percent chance that a patient’s sibling will be a suitable donor


If you want to know more about stem cells: