Corporate Fundraising

MDS UK would not exist without the very early and generous assistance of several main sponsors – Celgene, Novartis Oncology – still ongoing as well as Baker Tilly (from 2008-2013).
Since October 2014, Foster Denovo is kindly assisting MDS UK with meeting space.  We are extremely grateful for the help of all our sponsors.

We would like to encourage many more industry partners and private companies to engage with us and help us raise funds and awareness of MDS.

We also encourage all our members to talk to their employers.
Many companies have specific donation schemes, Give as you Earn or Corporate Social Responsability Schemes who would be willing to donate to small charities.
Employees can nominate their chosen charity – which not only helps us financially – but raises awareness of MDS amongst the entire company.

This extra awareness is particularly important for rarer conditions like MDS which are totally unknown amongst the general population.

It is much easier to raise funds for well known diseases – so we need all the help we can get.  Some companies mention their chosen charity in their corporate newsletter – another fabulous awareness advantage!

We will be listing these companies on this Corporate Fundraising page and hope that many more will join this generous practices.

Here is also a brief description of what CSR usually entails:

Corporate social responsibility is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model. CSR policy functions as a built-in, self-regulating mechanism whereby business monitors and ensures its active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards, and international norms. The goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere. Furthermore, CSR-focused businesses would proactively promote the public interest (PI) by encouraging community growth and development, and voluntarily eliminating practices that harm the public sphere, regardless of legality. CSR is the deliberate inclusion of PI into corporate decision-making, that is the core business of the company or firm, and the honouring of a triple bottom line: people, planet, profit.

MDS UK has received donations from :

Sega Europe 2 (small)

The most recent assistance to MDS UK came from a wonderful group of people supporting Alexia Hudson, whose mother Edel O’Meara is an MDS patient. The total amount of money raised was a magnificent £520. Sega Europe very kindly donated an iPad mini as a raffle item, and a great group of bakers supplied items for a bake sale.

So a huge ‘Thank You !’ to Alexia, her friends and colleagues at Sega Europe, the bakers, and everyone else who helped with this superb effort. We are extremely grateful for all the time and goods donated !

We understand that the bakers are worthy of special mention, so…
Here’s to: Nivine Emeran, Jason Goonery, Anais Maniaval, Giulia Checci, Stacey Lovage, Lindsey Cox, Gwladys Gaye – and a special thank you to Mrs Riley !

Sega 5 (small) Sega 2Sega 3






Basic CMYKA recent very generous donation to MDS UK has come from the Foster Denovo – a national firm providing financial advice to individuals, families, corporate clients and charities. The firm has kindly offered us to use their board room for our MDS UK committee meetings to continue planning and developing our services. We always try to save costs where is practicable, in order to dedicate most of our funds for pure patient support. The generous offer from the Foster Denovo will enable us to do just that.

Roger Brosch, Chief Executive Officer at Foster Denovo, has kindly commented on his decision:

“Foster Denovo has offered to support MDS UK with meeting room facilities for their committee meetings. Foster Denovo is an award-winning financial advisory firm, who operate a dedicated Charity division. They currently work with over 180 charities throughout the UK to provide specialist financial advice to third sector employers and their staff.

The partnership between our two organisations began after Russell Cook, a Partner at Foster Denovo, was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) a rare blood disorder. Russell required lengthy treatment culminating in 3 bone marrow transplants and is now fully recovered. As a result of this, Russell became involved with the charity and MDS UK is delighted to invite him to join the committee.”

We would not be able to secure a new meeting location so quickly if it wasn’t for the help from our incredibly proactive member – Russell Cook. Russell is a financial advisor at the Foster Denovo, and throughout his treatment, he received a lot of support from his company and colleagues. We applaud Foster Denovo for their position and decision to extend their support to benefit MDS UK and larger MDS community in UK.

We are also proud to confirm that MDS UK has indeed invited Russell Cook to join our Committee given his both, patient and professional experience as well as his commitment to fundraising and raising awareness of MDS. We look forward to our first Committee meeting at the new base where we should be able to proceed to a formal vote to elect Russell as a new Trustee. For updates, please keep checking our “About us – Our Committee” page.


Founded in 1937, Mishcon de Reya is a law firm with offices in London and New York offering both individuals and companies a range of legal services encompassing: corporate; employment; dispute resolution; family; private client; and real estate.

Georgina Yik told us: “My role as Corporate Social Responsibility Executive is to oversee all the CSR activities for Mishcon de Reya, including charitable giving and the environment. We have a long history of charitable giving but last year we redefined and strengthened our CSR programme into one vehicle, Mishcommunity.

Mishcommunity represents our charitable giving commitment for the next two years, mainly that we will support a local charity within our business community, an overseas charity and also support the fundraising efforts of our employees and the charities in which they have a personal connection. Each month we have a dedicated Discretionary Fund whereby members of staff can nominate a charity for consideration. The allocation of the fund is decided by a roving committee of staff, which changes each month. This committee decides how to allocate the fund, with 35 charities receiving our support in 2010.

Gloria Brady, a Senior Legal Cashier in our Accounts Department, nominated MDS for consideration in our January fund after her Aunt was diagnosed with MDS in August last year. This is typical of the type of charities which are nominated each month, where someone has personal experience of the invaluable assistance charities such as MDS UK offer.”


John Lewis Partnership has kindly contributed towards the costs of our annual London Patient Forum – via their local Victoria office.

Their Community Liaison Co-ordinator in Victoria explained their fantastic policy about assisting local small charities:
John Lewis is a co-owned business and as such has made a decision to support local charities in the areas where our Partners live, work and trade; each branch of John Lewis has a Community Liaison Co-ordinator who will look after a specific postcode area. Our budgets are limited, but we focus on supporting  local charities that are making a difference in our community with particular interests in youth,  health, education, homelessness and worklessness and the elderly.  The Community Liaison Group Victoria supports groups or projects that are pan-London as well as those that are based in South Westminster.

Please do contact your local John Lewis Community Liaison co-ordinator and ask if they would donate some funds towards a patient meeting in your area.  MDS UK would be happy to help you set up a local group.



As part of the Community Matters project, each month every Waitrose branch donates £1,000 between three local good causes that their customers choose. At the checkout, shoppers receive a token which they put in the box of the good cause they’d most like to support. The more tokens a cause gets, the bigger the donation they receive.


We encourage MDS UK supporters to ask their local Waitrose to feature us.
All you need to do is contact your local Waitrose branch and ask them to include MDS UK in their Community Matters scheme.
Included below are:

- Brief document to help explain MDS and our work: Click here

- Full template letter you can adapt to write to your local Waitrose: Letter to waitrose

They will set up a green coin box – with the brief MDS UK description above – and then shoppers just vote with their coins to say who (out of 3 charities displayed) which one gets the Community Matters funds the most.
Could not be easier – and we will aim to spend the funds for local groups!


Several Waitrose branches are now offering the token scheme for MDS UK: Bayswater, Leigh-on-Sea, Brent Cross.Thank you to all of them – this is an amazing way to raise awareness of MDS – as well as much needed funds.

Leigh-on-Sea Waitrose

Pauline Hammond, Leigh-on-Sea resident and MDS patient accepted the donation on behalf of MDS UK. We thank all staff at Waitrose Leigh-on-Sea branch – especially Karen Green, who is in charge of the Community Matters scheme there (May 2013). Another generous donation of £411 was made to MDS UK by the Leigh-on-sea branch in December 2014. The cheque was handed to Chris Dugmore, one the MDS UK Committee members.

Chris Dugmore early on in Leigh-on-Sea

Waitrose Leigh-on-sea - 9th May Chq Presentation group

Leigh-on-Sea branch – with patient member Pauline Hammond (May 2013)

Waitrose LeighonSea - cheque MDS support gr.



Waitrose, Leigh on Sea , Chris Dugmore, Dec 2014

Waitrose Community Matters Scheme, Leigh on Sea, Dec 2014 (From left: Karen Green, Chris Dugmore and Dawn Gilbert)

Bayswater Waitrose

For the fourth year running, Waitrose Bayswater has donated money to MDS UK – via the Community Matters scheme. We received a very generous £384 in 2012, £500 in August 2013, another superb £500 in April 2014 and a further donation of £400 in December 2014. We thank all the staff – and especially Imdirani Kidnapli – in charge of the scheme in Bayswater. Staff member Richard Pearce is seen here in 2013, handing over the cheque to MDS UK Committee Member Joanne Anderson.

Waitrose Bayswater 2013

Waitrose Community Matters Scheme – Bayswater branch Aug 2013

cheque photo

Waitrose Community Matters Scheme – Bayswater branch Dec 2014 (from left: Murray Fuller, Imdirani Kidnapli and Jenny Roe-Stanton)










Brent Cross and one of our family supporters!

Brent Cross Waitrose – with Sharon Berger’s grandson – keeping a close eye on generous progress (April 2013).

Brent Cross Waitrose

Brent Cross Waitrose collected a very generous £500 for MDS UK in July 2013 – under the watchful eye of Sharon Berger’s grand-son and his dad Jonni.
Thank you to all shoppers and staff there – and for the Berger family for instigating the request in their local Waitrose!

We also thank all customers who have voted with their green coins for our charity.
This is wonderful support from Community Matters and all Waitrose shoppers.
A massive thank you to you all !




ASDA Public vote and donation scheme

September 2014ASDA-web003

We are pleased to announce that we have received the runners-up prize in the ASDA donation scheme – in the ASDA store of the Old Kent Road.  This is the local store to King’s College Hospital.
We thank staff member Claire Gager,  Community Life Champion for delivering the cheque for £50 to our offices.
All ASDA stores run this same scheme – and we encourage all our patients and family members to request their local ASDA stores to enter MDS UK as one of their charities.  It is the same token system as Waitrose.
In this scheme, 3 charities can enter each month.  Winners receive £200 and runners up £50 each.

Thank you to ASDA and all their customers for their votes.


Etihad Airways logoWe received a very kind donation of £306.50 from the company Etihad Airways, who raised these funds after one of their employees, Gavin Hepburn was diagnosed with MDS.  Gavin has been employed at Etihad Airways since 2004. The company raised the money through an auction, and kindly donated it in recognition of his diagnosis of Hypoplastic MDS with Monosomy 7 in October 2012.
Gavin, who is 36 years old – with 3 children, will now undergo a bone marrow transplant in May 2013, at King’s College Hospital, London.

We thank Etihad Airways for their support and generosity and wish Gavin all the best with the transplant.

December 2013 – Update on Gavin and Etihad Airways
Throughout Gavin Hepburn’s treatment, his employers and staff members have very generously continued to raise funds in his name for MDS UK – and collected a fantastic further £800.
We are so grateful to Etihad Airways and its dedicated staff for this second donation.
It is truly heart-warming to see such supportive and kind gestures from an employer – and its staff. We are also very happy to report that Gavin is recovering well from his transplant.  We wish him well on his road to a full recovery from MDS.

May 2015 – Update on Gavin and Etihad Airways
A further donation of £350 was received from Etihad Airways, who continue supporting our charity and the work we do. We thank Gavin for handing over the very generous donation from his employer and colleagues and wish him best of health following the recent treatment he received for MDS.



A donation was gratefully received from the company Amgen – via their Volunteering and Charity Engagement scheme.
We are very grateful for the donation and the employee instigating this donation, Ms Gabriela Machackova.


Or – Give as you Shop! This is a very easy way to help us – without having to donate anything yourself – simply by completing your online purchases via this system.
If you use the internet to buy goods, hotels, travel or services online, please consider using this scheme, which allows you to pick your favourite cause and allows you to raise funds at no cost to you. MDS UK is registered there and all you need to do is to register and download the application – then shop online as you would normally.
Please forward to friends and family. Thank you for your on-going support.