MDS UK Local Support Groups Mapped

MDS UK has members (patients and their families) across the UK and Ireland. We are hoping to create local groups so that all members can access regular support meetings in their local areas. The map below shows the approximate location of all members, and the supporting clinical contacts currently in touch with MDS UK. The blue markers show where we would like to set up Local Groups.

Click the links on the left to see individual areas and the locations of people we are aiming to reach. Use the zoom inside the map to zoom in and out. Click and hold inside the map to move around the map.

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Figures for all members and clinical contacts (and for each area) are shown below the map.

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Further information about MDS Centres of Excellence

Centre of Excellence status is attributed by the American MDS Foundation. They assess each hospital who wishes to apply according to the strict criteria below. The physicians working in those hospitals have a specific dedicated interest in MDS and have many years of experience treating all the different sub-types of the condition.
To be recognized as a Centre of Excellence, a hospital must have:

  • An established university (or equivalent) program
  • Recognized morphologic expertise in MDS
  • Available cytogenetics and/or molecular genetics
  • Ongoing research, including Institutional Review Board-approved clinical trials
  • Documentation of peer-reviewed publications in the field

Hospitals interested in applying for COE status must contact the MDS Foundation Centres-of-excellence

For contact details of MDS Centres of Excellence in the UK click here

Summer 2012 MDS UK Members and Clinical Contacts: Figures

Local Group Area Number of Members Number of Clinical Contacts Total
All 622 195 817
Aberdeen Area 6 3 9
Belfast Area 1 1 2
Birmingham – Midlands 29 17 46
Bristol – Cardiff – Weston-super-Mare 40 15 55
Cambridge Area 67 9 76
Dublin Area 24 4 28
Essex 21 6 27
Galway 2 0 2
Glasgow – Edinburgh 22 16 38
Leeds – York 58 20 78
Liverpool – Merseyside 27 22 49
London 138 42 180
Newcastle Area 19 9 28
Oxford Area 37 8 45
Plymouth – Exeter 21 4 25
Poole – Southampton – Bournemouth 72 9 81
Sussex 38 10 48