• Access to Treatment

    Equal and easy access to MDS drugs is crucial for all MDS patients. Here is a quick update on the MDS specific treatments available currently. Contact us if you are having problems.

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  • Alert - Shingles Vaccine

    Latest advice from specialists regarding the shingles vaccine for MDS patients.

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    Clinical staff – order our materials here

    Would you like to order information materials for MDS patients at your hospital? Please leave us a message with details of your order.

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  • Patient Stories

    Read about different patient experiences with MDS, on Watch and Wait, on treatment or after a stem cell transplant. Please do submit your own patient story as well. Or the perspective from a spouse, sibling, child or carer.

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    If you are able to - please consider helping us to raise funds to enable us to carry out our work in the long-term. Your assistance is essential. Thank you.

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Support for the Group

The MDS UK Patient Support Group is affiliated with the UK MDS Forum, the foremost UK specialists organisation focused upon MDS, providing information and advice on the status and progress with MDS research and treatment in the UK, as well as the MDS Foundation, Inc, based in the USA. The MDS UK Patient Support Group is also supported by major pharmaceutical companies and other organisations.

The MDS UK Patient Support Group is a founding member of the MDS Alliance, the international umbrella group for all national MDS support groups. The MDS Alliance is dedicated to sharing and improving MDS information and awareness between patients, globally.

MDS UK Patient Support Group is a registered charity. Reg Charity No: 1145214